Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rolling Day

I finally could read my june/july Teen Vogue and I was so happy when I found the Spin City: Summer's Essential Short report.

Last weekend I went roller skating and, realising my clothes had some things in common with the ones from the report (I wasn't wearing shorts as it's winter here in Brazil), I decided to resume my Sunday (that I passed roller skating and watching kids playing in this colorful playground).

Zara striped sweater, Longchamp bag, Ver tshirt, Track & Field legging, Converse.

My sister's headband, roller skaters

Striped sweater

above: teen vogue photo

Rolling day

left:My sister and I. right: teen vogue photo

green energy


Anonymous said...

dodo.. adorei a green energy :)bjs fafa

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pai e kiki