Monday, May 31, 2010


I always wanted to have songs for my life like the movies do. I think songs makes us feel better and each song, depending on the moment, fits exactly what you're looking for. My favorite time to listen them is when I am in the car in middle of traffic of travelling hours and hours. The though of listening good music for a long time with no one disturbing you is wonderful.

My most-played list:

1. Turn it up by Pixie Lott
2. Catch me by Demi Lovato
3.Somebody to love by Leighton Meester
4. Drinking song by Jenny Owen Youngs
5. Bottom of the Ocean by Miley Cyrus
6. Fireflies by Owl City
7. Today was a Fairytale by Taylor Swift
8. Fotografia by Juanes ft. Nelly Furtado
9.Ordinary Day by Vanessa Carlton

Sweet Sixteen

I still have five months until my Birthday but I'm already excited. It's not all about presents or a party (I don't even know if I'll trow one) but it's about being 16. When I turned 15 I didn't feel anything special but I got a feeling that being sixteen will really bring something new into my life. well, only time will tell me!

The 8 perfect presents:

Lomography Mr. Pink Diana F+ Camera:
I started liking photography last year and I am really into it now. Not only for the blog but the idea of taking fashion photos everywhere makes me love fashion even more.

2. Cupcakes and CAshmere bag for coach:
When I saw Emily's Bag for Coach, I was totally in love with it! (her blog is as amazing as her bag).

3. ghost chair:
moving to a new house makes you want furniture as you want bags and shoes and this chair was love at first sight.

4. Longchamp handbag:
I'd love to have another Longchamp Bag to go to school (this time a neon color)

5. lola by marc jacobs fragance:
these Vanilla fragance is amazing

6. a snow globe:
I have a collection since ever and I simple love them

7. Salvatore Ferragamo Flats:
They're simple, classic and beautiful

8. Sidekick mobile phone:
since I started watching gossip girl I felt in love with them

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Vanilla Sunday

Last week I got my very first Chanel bag (for my sweet sixteen Bday) and couldn't wait to wear it. The best oportunity showed up this morning when I realized I had a wedding ceremory around 4pm. (The pictures are a little dark) Chanel bag, Nike watch, Giorno shirt, Vintage skirt and blouse shoestock flats

Saturday, May 29, 2010

American Cookies

As you may have noticed, I am kind of obsessed with american things (especially the american lifestyle).
I always loved the way moms cook delicious homemade cookies to their children to eat with milk. As here in Brazil cookies are not that appreciated the way they should be(at least the original vanilla choc chips ones are not usually eaten with milk in breakfast), I don't eat them very usually but today when I woke up with my friend, we decided baking traditional american homemade cookies was a wonderful idea.
We were togheter to plan our so far so good clothes line called Tenderly and a cooking break was all we needed.
Our cookies were so delicious (at least the half I didn't burn).
Saturday american cookies? always welcome :]

My american favorites:
1. pancakes with syrup
2. cereal with milk
3. homemade cookies
4. the way clothes are so nice and cheap in some places
5. eating pizza for lunch
6. how people don't have their ipods taken in metros (try walking around with your ipod here...)
7. the american movies (they're the best)
8. having ready-to-make foods (not having mates has a good side...)
9. English (I usually talk to myself in english as the sound is much better than when I talk in portuguese. compare : I love you with Eu te amo :P)
10. snow (even tough it does not snow everywhere)
11. good public schools
12. security ( houses without outside walls)
13. halloween
14. New York
15. Universities with campus
16. sweet sixteen parties
17. icecream sandwiches

Thursday, May 27, 2010


I don´t know how it will be; maybe it´s just a way to discover what I really want or it´s a way to see if it´ll work out, but, mostly, it´s to know I won´t loose the best I have in these years of my life. Tenderly, coming soon :]

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rolling Day

I finally could read my june/july Teen Vogue and I was so happy when I found the Spin City: Summer's Essential Short report.

Last weekend I went roller skating and, realising my clothes had some things in common with the ones from the report (I wasn't wearing shorts as it's winter here in Brazil), I decided to resume my Sunday (that I passed roller skating and watching kids playing in this colorful playground).

Zara striped sweater, Longchamp bag, Ver tshirt, Track & Field legging, Converse.

My sister's headband, roller skaters

Striped sweater

above: teen vogue photo

Rolling day

left:My sister and I. right: teen vogue photo

green energy

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ceci un It Bag

Doesn't matter how many different purses I have, I can't find any better than my favorite bag.

I am talking about the french bag you can find in any different color and size. The Longchamp bag.

It all started two years ago when I went to France with my dad. I've never walked that much in my whole life but it was amazing. I didn't get tired of the glamorous stores, charming buildings, historical monumentes, and, obviously, the clothes.

One day when I was going to the Picasso museum, I saw a group of high school students walking in the street. They didn't have uniform and most of them were wearing jeans and sweaters.

Someone there called my atention. It was a girl, dressed with an amazing coat and, what called my attention most was her bag.

It was, of couse, a Longchamp bag. It was navy and I falled in love with that simple, elegant and perfect purse.

The day after I went with my dad to the Longchamp store (the one I haven't even heard about before) and when I discovered it was the store of THAT BAG, I freaked out.

Since then, I am completely in love with the Longchamp bags. This story may sound idiot but everytime I look at my light pink school bag I feel completely happy. In am sure lots of people have their favorite bag. Isn't it good to have a little thing making you feel that happy?

different Longchamp bags

Monday, May 24, 2010

Coconut Candies

A couple weeks ago I went to a friend's sleepover and discovered one magic thing: it's called coconut candy.

Today I had lunch with my mom and for desserts there were soft and sweet ones. Results: I ate all of them in less than an hour.
It's super sweet, melts in your tongue (as I like the way melted marshmallows do) and are all white and pretty. These brazillian little sweets became one of my favorite candies.
I tryed doing it at home and couldn't (I am not good at the kitchen at all) but buying it here in Brazil is so easy.
Unfortunely, I could not find a good recipe in english (as is tipical from brazil), but I found a good recipe here (it's a brazillian blog). The coconut candies are so not so easy to be done but they are amazing.

Try them if you can; they worth it :]

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fashionable Littles

Having three sisters is not easy at all. Lots of make up, clothes and hair accessories. Lucky am I to be the oldest one; followed by a ten-years-old, five-years-old and two-years-old sisters. (Yes, all of them have make up and lots of accessories.)
When I woke up today Catarina (the middle one) was wearing one of her colorful outfits and I realized I could take pictures of her. Although she doesn't stop a minute, I convinced her to get into a ten-minute photoshoot. The results were amazing.
Dressing a kid can be as funny as choosing your own outfit (when they let you choose their oufit and comb their hair...).

Gap stockings, Copper Key shirt, H&M skirt and blazer, non-labeled headband

Friday, May 21, 2010

Fashion Wall

Sometimes I find myself freaking out trying to find the perfect outfit but I think it happends at least one time to everyone.

As I don't have time in the morning (to freak out trying to find something to wear), I choose my school outfit one day before. I used to spend hours doing it every day but now I do not spend too much time choosing what I'm going to wear to go to school; as my mother says "When I was your age school was just school, not a runway show".

Now I simply pick something and see if it looks good (not that easy at all)
During this no uniform school years, I've been working on something I call "Fashion Wall". When I moved to my new apartment and saw my bedroom completely white (as the place was temporary we wouldn't paint it neon colors) I decided to turn my white wall into a giant board where I collected fashion items and looks and each month changed (that way I had inspiration for my school and weekend clothes). The idea of the Fashion Wall was amazing. Every month I waited for my new magazines and started collecting my items.

A photo I took of it before I moved (yes, again a temporary apartment)

Fashion wall selection of my favorite wardrobe colored pieces

doing my fashion wall was a way to decorate my all white bedroom plus a way to choose my oufits and have fun.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fresh Accessories

There are lots of ways to renew your wardrobe. You must have some key items; as winter's coming here in Brazil, you can choose an overcoat and match it with different sweaters, you can buy that amazing pair of high heels boots you were waiting for and the always best but impossible option is to stay under a soft white cashmere blanket and do not get out of bed.
Even with all these key pieces, my favorite thing in every outfit are the accessories. You can buy hundred different scarfs, hats, gloves and match them with any clothes.
I selected some accessories I would love to get to renew my wardrobe

Leather Metal Paillettes Pashmina in Ivory

Clay Josephine double-flap embossed shoulder bag

Adicionar imagemAdicionar imagem

Adicionar imagemAdicionar imagemAdicionar imagemAdicionar imagem

Tory Burch

Metallic Leather Wristlet $155.00

Tom Ford "Ingrid" Sunglasses

Monday, May 17, 2010

Low Flavourites

Since I remmember, I've always looked for food calories and tried to keep fit. I do eat sweets and sometimes I find myself eating a whole sunday or mac 'n cheese for dinner; I am not neurotic. From all these calories control years I realized that are lots of delicious low calorie foods and with time I learnt to eat them.
My low calorie favourites:


the beautiful color, the freshness and the sweet and sour taste aren't the only good things strawberry provides us. It's a healthy carb, has no cholesterol and has only five calories each! try mixing low fat yogurt, fresh strawberries and ice. A tasteful smoothie!

Cherry tomatoes

The little red tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and 60 grams of it has only 17 calories. They are tasteful but when eaten in high quantily they can be bad for you health because of its acid. Try eating it with hooney mustard sauce or sliced with salt in every salad.

Coconut water

Brazilian people are used to drink coconut water at the beach. Models drink it because of the hidratation it provides to your skin. Most people are not used to its taste but I consider it is lightly sweet. One cup of it(240 g) has around 46 calories and is rich in calcium. The best way to drink is with lots of ice.

(the photo posted does not show the original coconut but do shows the dry one. You cannot get water from it!)


When fresh, they are tasteful and delicious. Mushrooms are rich in potasium and contain little protein. One cup of it (70.0 g) has around 20 calories. I like eating them with white sauce in pasta or cooked with shoyu sauce.


They are sweet but can be eaten with salt; they are good for the eyes (yes, what my mom told me the whole life to make me eat carrots it's true) and they are rich in vitamin A. One big carrot has only 25 calories. I like cutting them in sticks and eating as appetizer with salt.