Friday, May 21, 2010

Fashion Wall

Sometimes I find myself freaking out trying to find the perfect outfit but I think it happends at least one time to everyone.

As I don't have time in the morning (to freak out trying to find something to wear), I choose my school outfit one day before. I used to spend hours doing it every day but now I do not spend too much time choosing what I'm going to wear to go to school; as my mother says "When I was your age school was just school, not a runway show".

Now I simply pick something and see if it looks good (not that easy at all)
During this no uniform school years, I've been working on something I call "Fashion Wall". When I moved to my new apartment and saw my bedroom completely white (as the place was temporary we wouldn't paint it neon colors) I decided to turn my white wall into a giant board where I collected fashion items and looks and each month changed (that way I had inspiration for my school and weekend clothes). The idea of the Fashion Wall was amazing. Every month I waited for my new magazines and started collecting my items.

A photo I took of it before I moved (yes, again a temporary apartment)

Fashion wall selection of my favorite wardrobe colored pieces

doing my fashion wall was a way to decorate my all white bedroom plus a way to choose my oufits and have fun.

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