Thursday, June 13, 2013

Paulista Avenue and a glimpse of life.

In the past week, I received an invitation from a friend to photograph Paulista Avenue as we walked from one side to the other and wrote, drew and talked on the way. It took two hours and a lot of inspiration to walk around and photograph one of Sao Paulo's main street's movement, live, buildings and people. I have to repeat that, as though I am not a good photographer, I do have a lot of fun editing, cropping and over saturating the color of the pictures. I hope I can show you a little of Sao Paulo's movement, live, color and editing photo experiences in this post.

By the way, Paulista is not only an important business avenue in Sao Paulo but also the place where MASP (Art Museum of Sao Paulo) is located, as well an a lot of street art, exhibitions, Reserva Cultural cinema and the place where most of social manifestations happen. Is a place worth walking through if you are a local and a place worth visiting if you come to Sao Paulo. :]

(first picture: the view from MASP)

1. The variety of styles of architectural projects and landscapes

2. the movement, the people, the life...

3. the details that can be caught everywhere, when you look precisely.

the gay parade decoration

a mannequin

3. this vase exhibition/store


5.the typical presence of green

casa das rosas space and museum

(keep you city clean - ad)