Monday, March 28, 2011

Why? (I can't stop asking myself...)

There's one thing I have to write to you, as I am too confused to think about anything right now. (I guess I need some therapy or I'll just wait until my next philosophy class to be fine again).
As I was saying, be careful with your dreams and ask yourself if they are really worth your life (or may I say, are they a way to happiness?)

Is life really worth it all, anyway? The sun will keep rising when you die and everything will stay the same. Why all this effort to have things in our minds if we could just try harder to be who we are? How do I hate pressure...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Catching inspiration

Recently I asked myself about the different ways people can see the world. There are tons of people using their brain to reflect differently about what they see around.
Although my lack of inspiration to create my own stuff, my eyes are helping me to photograph nice things I see around and I started to appreciate street style and the way people can dress and live differently according to their personality. Therefore I am collecting all information I can find cause the world is inspiring me :]. Hope you like this post about some of my last week inspiration pictures...

first picture: nice shoes from south Brazil walking on a friday evening with their happy owner

Audrey Hepburn's face on a handbag bought in London

A cute (and pink!) bistrô

melted candles on rainbow colors on the way into a restaurant.

Breakfast on a rainy Sunday morning looks

I can't help loving party shoes with socks. What do you think?

Monday, March 14, 2011

I need some time

I've been extremely stressed due to the number of things I have to do every week. Not only I am having school exams terrifying enough to make me have nightmares and don't have time to post (thanks, chemistry); I try to manage good grades, quality time, sleep hours and art classes; and yet, I've been missing my sewing machine since ever.
As I am not having time to post anything better (although I'm dying to talk about long skirts!) these are some photos I collected this past month...

art classes homework

Nice shorts my friend was wearing

a wonderful view only one hour away from the city

people I liked to photograph while on traffic after school

long skirts! I just have to post something about it...

nice books I like to read at the bookstore

The first copy of Alexa Mulberry bag I saw in Brazil. The original one is this one

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

School is cool

Waking up every single morning would be way harder than it is if I didn't spice up my day with a little bit of fashion. Although I can't really wear what I want for school (talk about sunglasses, skirts, any kind of heels or dresses and they'd all call me crazy) the exercise of matching something wearable and accepted in a unfortunately too casual place like my school became one of the only fun parts of my demanding day of homework and classes.
The past week, while thinking about something to post about Brazil, I noticed the alarming different kinds of influence we have from all over the world in our way to dress (and even school uniforms are included when the game includes north american roots).
These are a very few (as it was a short one-week research) of all of the interesting things I found related to education (or dressing up while being educated).

First pic: My too casual school outfit that included a little bit of sparkle on my "Gorgeous" sweater.

The typical american school uniform that my sister wears. I guess I'll never get tired of this skirts matched with basic flats...

Havaianas, Jeans, sweater and Longchamp bag: Just another day I felt lost in the middle of the crowd of jeans and t-shirts...

For football practice, my sister's friend made me fall in love with the feminist edge the color pink gave to the shoes...

Converse and mini shorts are some of the summer traditional pieces around my school...

I simply felt in love with this school bag that I liked to describe as a modern cliché; which reminds me of the perfect school bag not usually seen around. My sister definitively is going to let me borrow this next week...