Monday, August 30, 2010

Yellow Mellow

Lately I realized I really like the color Yellow. It's one of that things I just noticed after organizing my closet and unpacking your vacation luggage, discovering almost half my recent accessories are yellow.
It's not a color I ever liked; since while a girl I used to wear pink and during my last teenage years I've been wearing basic colors (specially dark blue).
well, yellow came just in time for a personal revolution and more usually I am wearing the "happy face" color.

These are some items that are at the top of my yellow-wish-list:
1. Dooney & Bourke yellow bag

2. yellow havaianas
3. Mischa Barton's Yellow look

3. yellow Doc Martens

4. yellow earrings (I found the cutest ones at Claires)
5. this "yellow mellow" Sally Hansen nail polish

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Russian Dolls

I've been wondering what to do for the father's day for weeks when my brother showed up with the perfect present.
We're five siblings and finding a present to give all together is pretty hard. It turns that fortunately, my brother figured out how close we were from Father's day and bought a 5 set Matriuchka doll for us.
The doll not only is easy to do, it came on the perfect number for us and painted ourselves turned out to be the perfect present.

the pink one: the one I did
My doll is wearing a Sao Paulo t-shirt, my father's football team.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


If there's one thing I hear of everyday are the cupcakes.
Not only I religiously visit this blog, my sister and my friend Lauly are cupcake lovers and I particularly like how cupcakes look like (and how tasty they can be). Although I don't cook them very usually, my weekends are filled with homemade cupcakes and walks to wonder cakes.

cupcake memories:

1.Vanilla Cupcakes (as found here)
2. Wonder cakes: a cupcakes store; one day I'll have tasted all of the delicious cupcakes they sell :]
3. My little sisters eating cupcakes

4. Funny baking cups

5. Brazillan cupcakes made by me and Lauly (also seen here)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back-to-school problems

The first week of school has just began and I already have to spend my whole day doing homework. It's sad to think all my plans on back-to-school daily posts will be only able to start later (after the exams maybe).
It'll be so hard to manage school, move to my new house (it won't take too long!) and post, research and design my fashion pleasures.
I'll try to post the most but there's nothing I can promise. Sorry!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Back to School

Unfortunately vacation is over. I tried too hard to relax the most, eat the less and forget about the terrifying semester of exams that wait for me.
As a good girl I try to see the positive side: friends, parties and, of course, the knowledge that I'll have to create some back-to-school looks.
During the month I had time to buy my back-to-school must haves and to do some reseach about the weather (winter can be so unexpected here).
After a whole season of Gossip Girl, long walks at the streets and visits to my favorite stores my results were gratifying: School looks can be awesome (even if you have to wear a gross-non t shirt, as in my case).
1.Forever 21 Eternity Soft Stretch Headband

2.Natasha Accessories Double-Flower Headband

3.Forever 21 Nubby Striped Sweater Top

4.forever 21 t shirt

5.Gap Real straight jeans (bird graphic cuffs)

6.Forever 21 Lightweight Linen Pants

7.Lucky Brand "Trippin´ Out" Floral-Print Tote

8.Longchamp tote

9.abercrombie vintage leather flip flops

10.forever 21 Nikky Strappy Sandals