Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Casually detailed

While August isn't over, I was gifted by two weeks studying hard to pass my exams. Fortunately the cold weather doesn't make me wish I was outside doing anything else, but I still have to wake up extremely early (usually with the belief I will become a piece of ice if I leave my blanket) and fill myself up with a lot of caloric food to be able to stand the boredom of a whole day studying.
Today I had the pleasure of a tiny hour with my friends (between exams and my way home) and that's when I could relax a little and take some aleatory photos. I was extremely happy to realize trough the lens of my camera that my friend (already photographed here) was wearing an outfit full of cute details that made her casual outfit look way unique.
(Special thanks to Isa for letting me photograph her when most of the times I don't send or show her the photos I took :])