Thursday, June 16, 2011

5 days to Winter

It's almost July and although SPFW is showing us summer collections on the runway, there are still six long months of cardigans, , stockings, and gloves waiting for us. I hate to admit I feel a little depressed when reading international magazines I notice a good part of the world is ready to enjoy sandals, sunglasses and LWDs but the idea of having hot chocolates and blankets (not to mention the colorful scarves and the possibility of dressing all black even when the sun is shining) are my way to feel excited for the winter and learn to appreciate long city walks as much as I enjoy a sunny day at the beach.

My SPFW outift

Gloria Coelho's catwalk

Vintage glasses

The surprisingly good coincidence of finding out my sister was wearing very similar to me when I met her for lunch last Sunday.