Saturday, May 15, 2010


I am pretty sure you've heard about the brazilian famous flip flops, the Havaianas. I've always wondered how a simple piece of plastic that sometime ago was used by builders had become an international fashion item, and guess what? It's from Brazil.
Now, we see the plastic flip flops all over the world in a not that cheap price (unless you buy it in Brazil, where the original one costs about nine dollars) and the colorful ones are now a must-have.
At my school (as you can see I love watching people's outfits there) many people wear jeans and colorful Havaianas even when it's too cold you can freeze. Although any flip flops are not allowed (because the principal thinks it's not elegant enough) we do wear them, and we wear them with style. I think Havaianas are starting to be respected around the world and soon no one will see them as the "builder's piece of plastic".

this is one I did with orange spray and a white pair.

new collection colors

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