Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Travelling look

When staying a long time wearing the same outfit (in case of an airplane or train trip), there are 3 essentials things your outfit must have: comfort, simplicity and elegance.

It can be pretty hard to find something to wear following the 3 rules but when you find the perfect combination, there's nothing that can go wrong. While seeing forever 21 collection online (they're amazing!) I realized you can make a whole comfortable traveling look with their clothes. I chose these Ashley Tisdale daily look and tried to find similar clothes at forever 21. Operation was a success!

Forever 21 Fave Whiskered Skinny Jean $29.80

Forever 21 Metallic Crackled Sweet Flats $14.80

forever 21 Striped Bow Knit Top $15.80

forever 21 Flounce Ruffle Jacket $15.80

forever 21 Rockstar Bucket Bag $29.80

forever 21 Pointelle Crochet Beret $6.80

F8132 Sunglasses $5.80

Travel essentials

I'll be on vacation for the next two weeks.
My luggage is far more than colorful flip-flops, fresh T-shirts, beach totes and very short shorts. The most important is what will make me survive in the boring moments (if I have any).

1. Caran D'ache colored pencils + my complete pencil case:
I guess I can't survive more than 7 hours in a plane without my drawing material.

2. Ipod: I already made a playlist of all the piano solos ( I have trouble sleeping during flights so all the help is welcome).

3.Trident: For the moments I need to eat something (and already ate all the eatable things of the airport, airplane and in my purse).

4. Big sunglasses: to avoid scared people staring at you at 2 a.m. after a 8 hours non-sleep flight

5. Books: I always choose a book (or more) to read during the trip. The airplane, under that little blanket with a cup of coke and your earphones, is the best place to start it.

6. a Big handbag (in my case, the classic Longchamp bag): large enough to carry everything you need and with at least one pocket no find your things easily.

7. Passport holder: a way to take care of your passport (it's the most important thing you'll carry)

A very good vacation for everyone :].

Monday, June 28, 2010


The past weeks I became addicted to everything that includes Tulle. The delicate fabric is far from a ballet tutu. Each day I see more and more Tulle being used in dresses, skirts and even stockings and purses.
As I could not find the perfect one, I decided to do it myself and It's almost ready (and amazing, may I say).
I could not find tulle dresses to buy but in this blog you can see amazing ones to buy here in Brazil.

The picture brings some of my inspirations to create my own tulle dress

Friday, June 25, 2010

World cup

The whole world is watching the cup and here in Brazil I can say everyone stops when the match starts. The streets are full of traffic before the game and while it is happening you can hear shouts and laughs form all your neighborhood.
For the Brazil x Ivory's Land match, I was invited to my friend's house and helped out doing the food. It happends that decorating the cupcakes with green and yellow buttercream and sticking little flags into it was the best part of the day.
The table was totally green and yellow(even the food) and the yellow wall of the dinner room fitted perfectly.
I was so disappointed that Kaká was expelled (as he's the cutest player) but I think I can live with that if Brazil wins the cup...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Yesterday we got all chocolate left in the house and ate fondue. It's pretty easy to do and perfect for cold winter nights.
This recipe is easy and simple and you can get it ready in a minute. The fruits that perfectly fit a fondue are strawberries and bananas.

Sugar Lover

I am not the kind of people that eats all the time (altough I'd love to, the number of calories a day should not be that high) but when talking about sweets I guess I am always able to eat a little more. The last week I discoreved a box of lollypops at my kitchen and could not resist on eating one, two, well... maybe a little more...

I try to avoid eating candies but when school is freaking me out I do need this extra sugar in my blood.
Here you can find a selection of my favorite candies, the ones that save me when I am stressed or just make me happy :]

1.Kopenhagen Nha benta The best Brazillian chocolate store is certainly Kopenhagen. Nha Benta is my favorite: soft and chewy marshmallow covered my the best chocolate milk ever.

2..See's lollypops since my cousins started bringing it form LA to me, I felt in love with these lollypops. They're not only delicous but come in all amazing flavours! my favorite is the Vanilla lollipop.

3.Pierre Hermé Macarons When I travelled to Paris I simple loved the macarons of this small store that sells the best macaron in the world! There you can find the most exotics flavours of macarons (like wassabi, rose petals and ginger). They're expensive but worth each euro.

4. Wonka Gobstopper the first candy I loved the time I put into my mouth. It changes color and flavour and just knowing it's from the "Wonka factory" makes the experience of eating it magic

5. Ice Breakers this is the sweetest and sourest candy the same time. All flalvours I already tried are delicious but none is as good as the Lemon Iced Tea.

6.Pierre Marcolini gourmandises From all chocolates I tasted in Belgium this one was far the best one. It was the most expensise either but it costs what it values. The store decoration is comfortable, with black carpet and big windows. There are all kinds of chocolate in a way it's hard to choose only one. Here you'll find the photo of my favorite one, with caramel and waffer covered with chocolate.

7. Push Pop I used to eat it when little and still love the sweet flavour. They are sold everywhere, Brazil included, so I can eat them whenever I want. The blue is my favorite.

8. Dylan's Bear Mix I've never actually gone to Dylan's but my little sisters gave me a chocolate bar with my name written and they bought some collorful pretty things. I entered their site and discovered an amount of products as cute as that chocolate bar. All products are colorful and creative, making you want to eat them all. I always liked gummy bears and the ones at Dylan's look so tasteful.

9. Neuhaus chocolate Belgium, one of the million chocolates I tasted that day. Suddenly I got a little milk chocolate with "Neuhaus" monogramed at the top. It drove me crazy. We got back to the store and bought a dozen of that delicious white cream covered with chocolate milk. Unfortunately, the amazing monogramed chocolate is not available here in Brazil.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer favorites

The last week had a couple of warm days that made me remember my summer favorites. I do love winter: hot chocolates, warm blankets, pretty coats and Uggs boots, but the Sun seems to shine more at summer, doesn't it?

Warm winter day

I had an amazing surprise Saturday when waking up I realized it was a quite hot morning.
After a cold week with gray coats, vegetable soup and cozy mornings, I spent the Saturday walking in my favorite Brazilian street as if it was a sunny summer day (frappé included :]).
I wasn't spending the weekend at my house so I didn't have lots of clothes, but I was borrowed cute gray flats that saved my day replacing my old dirt school Converse.
(thanks to Ale for the flats :])

Shoestock flats, John John jeans skirt, Zara sweater, Longchamp bag, Aéopostale shirt and Vintage hat.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bandage dresses

I was so busy last week that I hardly could take a break, it was all about studying. When weekend came I could finally take a break and spend the whole Sunday doing my new Bandage dress.
A couple months ago I wore my navy blue bandage dress at a party and I couldn't wait to design my next one. This saturday creation is beige and as soon as it's done I'll post it.
I started seeing everytime more usually Bandage clothes in all different colors. It seems like all LBDs now are tight to the body and very short. The bandage dress can be made exactly this way.
Check out my favorite Bandage pieces:

1. BCBG ombre power skirt $148.00
2. TopShop Lace Trim Bodycon Dress £40.00
3. Herve Leger Ombre One-Shoulder Cocktail Dress $1598.0
4.BCBGMaxazria Skirt, Bandage Power $138.0
5.Juicy Couture Velour Bandage Combo Dress $138.00

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fashion Week

Yesterday I was extremely happy to know I was going to Sao Paulo Fashion Week. I had been asking my father for it and since I hadn't gone last year I was extremely excited for it.

Cia Marítima:
these are the looks I liked most:

my favorite:

Sunday, June 6, 2010


The holiday at the beach was a very good way to notice how I love pastel colors, specially beige. When I looked my closet I realized most of my clothes are nearly beige. I selected the items that would perfectly fit my go-to-the-beach outfits.

1. Estee Lauder compact
2. Dillard's earings
3. Havaianas flip flops
4. Acessorize hat
5. H&M headphones
6. C&A necklace

Vanilla twilight

Last Sunday, round 4 pm I looked at the sky and saw this amazing vanilla twilight. One of my favorite songs is Vanilla Twilight (the Owl City) and when I looked at the sky and saw the little vanilla dots I stopped the car to take a picture.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

smell of salt and sand

This is one of the days I got out of school and in less than 3 hours I was with my feet on the sand, enjoying the feeling of a 4 days brazilian holiday.
It's really cold here but being at the beach is the most relaxing thing possible (after shopping, of course).
When we got here, we jumped into our not that summer clothes and did our first "photo shoot" (my cousin and I; we absolutely have the funniest days together). The photos aren't about fashion but about the fun we have taking them. Today we decided to walk on the beach watching the last minutes of sunset. The results were amazing and on the next four days I'll post some of the photos.
Hope you enjoy it!

the perfect view
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