Saturday, November 26, 2011


Can you notice beauty in everything you see? Lately I am trying to see things from a different perspective and although this sound a bit cliche, it's always good to remind yourself to open your eyes and really see what's around you, hear the sound in the middle of the silence (cliche again) and be able to feel what is living around you.

This is just a reminder...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Casually detailed

While August isn't over, I was gifted by two weeks studying hard to pass my exams. Fortunately the cold weather doesn't make me wish I was outside doing anything else, but I still have to wake up extremely early (usually with the belief I will become a piece of ice if I leave my blanket) and fill myself up with a lot of caloric food to be able to stand the boredom of a whole day studying.
Today I had the pleasure of a tiny hour with my friends (between exams and my way home) and that's when I could relax a little and take some aleatory photos. I was extremely happy to realize trough the lens of my camera that my friend (already photographed here) was wearing an outfit full of cute details that made her casual outfit look way unique.
(Special thanks to Isa for letting me photograph her when most of the times I don't send or show her the photos I took :])

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

While July isn't over...

I do have to admit I've been writing less and less often the last months and that's not the lack of photos but the fact that the time is passing by fast enough I just realized my vacation is almost in the end.
It's a winter filled with skirts and flats (as it's warm enough I don't even need a sweater during the day) and I am happy to know I have all my time filled with pleasant stuff such as this friend's birthday I had (with this cupcakes another of my friends baked as a present...).

Alice, the birthday girl

Fortunately vacation gives me more time to work on my own drawings and clothes...

the long lace skirt I finally had time to make

I've been looking for inspiration to paint my sneakers and I really liked this one!

a "thank you" handmade card painted by me with gouache

Thursday, June 16, 2011

5 days to Winter

It's almost July and although SPFW is showing us summer collections on the runway, there are still six long months of cardigans, , stockings, and gloves waiting for us. I hate to admit I feel a little depressed when reading international magazines I notice a good part of the world is ready to enjoy sandals, sunglasses and LWDs but the idea of having hot chocolates and blankets (not to mention the colorful scarves and the possibility of dressing all black even when the sun is shining) are my way to feel excited for the winter and learn to appreciate long city walks as much as I enjoy a sunny day at the beach.

My SPFW outift

Gloria Coelho's catwalk

Vintage glasses

The surprisingly good coincidence of finding out my sister was wearing very similar to me when I met her for lunch last Sunday.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Walking around town

There are lots of beautiful places in Sao Paulo and I specifically appreciate the architecture of the city center. Last week I had the opportunity to walk around and take some pictures as I visited Escher's exposition in a gallery there.
It was a sunny though cold day and I just loved to walk around all that old buildings as I am not used to seeing them in my neighborhood.

Stockings, winter shoes and the mix of brown and gray

Inside the gallery where I saw Escher's works

Monday, May 16, 2011


This weekend I've done a short visit to Farm store (which was near the place I had lunch) and I was amazed.
I've already seen the project in magazines but I've never really visited the store. It's full of green, the project is amazing and the clothes (no surprise) are as funny and colorful as they always were.
I could easily spend the day sitting in one of those enormous pillows of the changing room and looking to the trees around. It's not only a store, but a refugee in the middle of the city.

Catarina's Sunday look

Perfect colorful socks to welcome the winter

Friday, May 6, 2011

Fashion Mother

For a long time I've been in love with my mothers classic style and I guess one of the things that made me love fashion was watching the way she dresses every morning and how her closet is beautifully organized (something I hope I'll learn to do with my own some day...).
The day I saw her wearing this outfit (which includes handbag and shoe I am particularly in love with since I first saw) I decided to take some pictures.

Happy mother's day! :]

Friday, April 22, 2011

Partying vintage

A couple (or maybe a bit more) weeks ago, I had a sudden wish to photograph my friends during, before and after a saturday night party. Although wearing simple clothes, they kind of inspired me and moreover, proved that a good outfit has more to do with behave than accessories.

First picture: during the party
before the party

after the party

Asking why were we "Partying Vintage"? These amazing floral dress my friend was wearing was her mothers. What goes around, comes around!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Why? (I can't stop asking myself...)

There's one thing I have to write to you, as I am too confused to think about anything right now. (I guess I need some therapy or I'll just wait until my next philosophy class to be fine again).
As I was saying, be careful with your dreams and ask yourself if they are really worth your life (or may I say, are they a way to happiness?)

Is life really worth it all, anyway? The sun will keep rising when you die and everything will stay the same. Why all this effort to have things in our minds if we could just try harder to be who we are? How do I hate pressure...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Catching inspiration

Recently I asked myself about the different ways people can see the world. There are tons of people using their brain to reflect differently about what they see around.
Although my lack of inspiration to create my own stuff, my eyes are helping me to photograph nice things I see around and I started to appreciate street style and the way people can dress and live differently according to their personality. Therefore I am collecting all information I can find cause the world is inspiring me :]. Hope you like this post about some of my last week inspiration pictures...

first picture: nice shoes from south Brazil walking on a friday evening with their happy owner

Audrey Hepburn's face on a handbag bought in London

A cute (and pink!) bistrĂ´

melted candles on rainbow colors on the way into a restaurant.

Breakfast on a rainy Sunday morning looks

I can't help loving party shoes with socks. What do you think?

Monday, March 14, 2011

I need some time

I've been extremely stressed due to the number of things I have to do every week. Not only I am having school exams terrifying enough to make me have nightmares and don't have time to post (thanks, chemistry); I try to manage good grades, quality time, sleep hours and art classes; and yet, I've been missing my sewing machine since ever.
As I am not having time to post anything better (although I'm dying to talk about long skirts!) these are some photos I collected this past month...

art classes homework

Nice shorts my friend was wearing

a wonderful view only one hour away from the city

people I liked to photograph while on traffic after school

long skirts! I just have to post something about it...

nice books I like to read at the bookstore

The first copy of Alexa Mulberry bag I saw in Brazil. The original one is this one