Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Across-body bags

During my vacation, I realized the shoulder bags are starting to loose place for the across-body bags. I couldn't loose the opportunity to start reusing mine and looking for some new models. I realized that while traveling, with all the shopping and places to go, keeping my hands free was very useful and more comfortable than wearing handbags that keep my arms busy.
Now almost every bag comes with a across-body option! Back to the city, I'll try to use them the most, cause as I can see, they can give a chic edge to almost every outfit.

On Fashion Week:

Vanessa Hudgens

1. Forever 21 Floral Critter Shoulder Bag
2. Prada Spazzolato Mini Crossbody Bag
3. Forever 21 Vintage Leatherette Bag
4, Coach Jewel Crossbody
5. Forever 21 Striped Shoulder Bag
6. Juicy Couture Argyle Messenger Bag
7. Tod's G-Bag Tote
8. ChloƩ Paraty Crossbody Shopper
9. Prada Pebbled Leather Round Satchel

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Musical Icon: Julie Andrews

When I was less than six years old I had the happiness to watch the musical "The sound of Music". The happy songs and dances made it one of my favorite movies. Later I discovered the amazing actress that sang my favorites songs was called Julie Andrews and by that I got to discover Mary Poppins, Princess Diaries and even her participation on Shrek.
I don't know why I admire her so much (maybe because of how similar I think she looks to my Grandma) but something on her spirit and movies make everything look happy.
Julie Andrews not only is smiley, classy, elegant and beautiful, she had been an example and trough my little girl eyes, a real queen


1. "The Sound of Music"
2. "Mary Poppins"
3. " The Princess Diaries"
4. "Shrek"

Monday, July 26, 2010

Inspiration Icon: Blair Waldorf

As mentioned here I am organizing my favorite icons to take a look whenever I need inspiration to draw or to find an outfit.
One of them is the character Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. A couple years ago when I started to read the Gossip Girl books I became a real fan of the 17 years old Upper East side girl that besides the problems, worries and fears was completely strong, decided and smart.
Not only her personality was awesome, she was always the best, talking about fashion, school and parties. For my delight she wasn't blond either (as most of the movie's It girls are) and neither had blues or green eyes; she was not the tallest or skinniest, her family was not perfect and beyond all these, she was completely glamorous, strong and happy.
Reading all the Cecily Von Viegesar novels (and ignoring the disapproval of my literature teachers) I learnt about confidence, started reading faster and began to spend less time watching TV, not to mention all the fashion designers, the latest trends and the how-to-behave rules I learnt.

Fashion inspiration about her:
1. headbands (as found here and here)
2. red accessories (as found here and here)
3. looks: she wears classic looks adding the perfect dose of color
4. Her Smile (maybe is a Leighton Meester quality and not Blair's but in her smile you can see besides all the cruel behave, arrogant answers and evil looks, she's got a heart :])

Legendary Inspirations: Audrey Hepburn

Trough the past years of my life I discovered my passion for fashion, my love for almost every manual work, my delight for sweets and my admiration for some people that inspire me every day; I call them my Icons.
Trough movies, books, ordinary conversations and style researches I got to discover my favorite Icons. I decided to collect them and my favorite things about each one and write to have a look when I need inspiration to draw or choose my next outfit.

One of them is Audrey Hepburn (as Holly Golightly). Something about her Elegance, her confident eyes, her posture and the classic outfits she wears on the movie make me feel inspired.

Fashion inspirations about her:

1. Big sunglasses (like this one)
2. Little Black Dress ( as I found here)
3. Pearl necklaces and other accessories ( you can find similar ones here and here)

melted marshmallows:
Gabby sent me photos of her eating melted marshmallows at a summer camp :]

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Recently I became addicted to shoes. While before my old white converse and my dirty Havaianas were all I needed (I even wanted to wear my flip-flops at the parties), now the shoes seem to be a important part of every outfit I wear. I still wear my converse most of the time but new kind of shoes are now at the top of my wish-list.
I recently discovered my passion for flats. Not only high heels make me taller than I already am, they are sometimes uncomfortable and I can't wear them on school. I am still looking for the perfect high heels cause I didn't find the perfect pair yet but while I look for my Cinderella shoe, I wear my flats (making every look more sophisticated) to go to school, to parties and to the everyday events.

1. Gap tassel ballet flats
2. Topshop musk jewel BOW PUMPS
3.Vince Camuto "Emiliay" Flat

4.Chinese Laundry "Sweet Caroline" Flat
5.Born "Peony" Flat
6.Old Navy Women's Studded Ballet Flats

7.Sam Edelman "Caper" Flat
8. Tory Burch Reva Woven Straw Ballerina
9.Old Navy Women's Ribbon-Trim Ballet Flats

Monday, July 19, 2010

Lace, Lace, Lace

I've been noticing an army of lace clothes and accessories shown up on the magazines, stores and even in the popular clothing around the streets.
It seems that the lace is beginning to be as used as tule and if you pay attention, you'll certainly see it around. I am not talking about the (now-a-days almost classic) camis surrounded with lace at the bottom; what I'm talking about are the all-lace dresses, back of the t-shirts, necklaces, scarves and even shoes covered with it.
Better keep an eye open on the delicate and feminine fabric that with pleasure will beggin to be part of our days.

1. Forever 21 Ball Fringe Lace Scarf
2. Accessorize gloves
3. Barlow Stretch Lace Dress (at Saks fifth Avenue)
4. ABS by Allen Schwartz Antique-Lace-Print Skinny Jeans
5. Free People Lace Racerback Tank (at Bloomingdale's)
6. bebe Strapless Lace Dress

Milk Pudding

I am not a huge fan of pudding but the moment I tasted the amazing milk pudding my stepmother made I started to believe: pudding can be as good as a devil chocolate cake.
The amazing pudding was devoured in less than three days and the amazing Brazilian recipe my father took from this hotel is similar to the one found here (the only difference is the lemon extract and the add of caramel over it). The pudding is soft inside and caramelized outside; the perfect desert in the summer.
It's easy to do and totally worth all the calories :]

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Paper Clothes

After lunch and a winter walk this Saturday, I got home and saw dozens of colored paper on the kitchen table. While my sisters were painting with aquarelle I sat near them and started to fold and cut the paper creating (at the end of a couple hours) some lovely dresses for them.
It's sad to see (as they play and jump around the house) my work being destroyed so I soon took some pictures of the paper dresses.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Sweet Delight

For some reason all the Mac 'n Cheese, Iced Coffees and delicious foods I ate the past 2 weeks made me realize not only american food is good and practical but it also is caloric.
Now, back home, I'll soon get used to the healthy homemade food and the cereal bars instead of the pop tarts. Luckily, I took photos of almost everything I ate, so now I can at least remember my american favorites.

a dozen of croissants in four days
30th anniversary cheesecake (cheesecake factory's best)
icecream sandwiches (yes, for breakfast)

chocolate, chocolate, chocolate

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Walk

The summer has never been my favorite season but these days I am perfectly happy to walk in the streets without a coat and drink tones of iced coffees.
The last evening I discovered these amazing street near the place I'm staying. The stores are good and the restaurants are pretty. I can't wait to walk there again and eat another giant salad.

Aeropostale t- shirt, Zara flats, Spezzato shorts, B+D sunglasses, Michael Kors bag, Claires earrings