Sunday, January 23, 2011

brieth art

Usually a fan of classics, being in a place filled with modern art was the best refresh I've had in a while. Although classic artists always bring me to a world I've never been, seeing some stuff made of alive-anonymous people made me feel comfortable, as if my thoughts were inside other people's head too.

Plus, learning to paint made me look at the paintings in a detailed way I've never done before and I felt exhausted only when thinking about painting all that for a lot of people (that not always really care about your art) to look at it.

I hope it inspires you too!

I guess now I am a fan of modern art...

Look around

Altough I have to admit I am pretty distracted, I made an effort to look around and photograph everything I liked the past ten days. The fact that New York is an amazing-inspiring-fashion city isn't an excuse for me not to photograph around when I'm home, so I'll try to post more often this year; but the fact that I was there helped me to open my eyes and look for some inspiration.

These are some of the things I saw and instantly photographed

At MoMA, sketching some art

On my way to ice skate at Central Park

Subway military inspiration

Impossible not to notice in the middle of all the black coats

Street style

at snowy Central Park

I'll manage to post all I got the past days as soon as I can :]