Monday, February 17, 2014

Chanel sneakers, Celine Furkenstocks and Magritte for OC

I have't posted for a long time, but this month not one, but three fashion elements really attracted me. And although I am usually too bored with whatever is new to find something worth posting about the runway, there are three fashion combinations that invaded my mind and made me extremely excited about fashion, again. I haven't felt that excited in almost a year.

It all started with my backpacking trip to Europe, and my urge to wear and carry around all the paintings I saw in Prague and Florence. I could never understand why I could not find not even one nice design made with a pattern from a painter. It was on a flea market in Amsterdam, though, that I bought the first outfit I saw that ever put together my favorite painter and a high waisted skirt ( I am not considering museum stores selling t-shirts, for instance). It was set: I could finally wear one of Klimt paintings and look at the marvelous colors and shapes of it, not online or in museums but every time I looked in the mirror! The design, though, could be improved. I am glad that flea market skirt was just the beginning.

The beginning of my flea market excitement was boosted by the recent Opening Ceremony's Runway. It was a perfect combination of quality fashion and art, and although way more expensive than the skirt I once bought in Amsterdam, their collection was the one to get me back my excitement about the fusion of two of my favorite things: art and fashion. The statement was set. And the pair of birken shoes is permanently in my wish list (or at least until the collection is launched in May).

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Speaking of Birkenstocks, my eyes could not avoid the comfortable yet cool look of the Birkenstocks created by Celine last year, with fur coming out. Although the collection is not as recent, only with the presence of NYC's terrible winter did I feel the desire to slide my feet through the comfortable and overpriced shoe. Celine made my middle school everyday shoe become a grown up cool design, only now it is actually cool enough to have colorful fur through your fingers and be given the name "Furkenstocks".

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The idea of comfortable shoes also came out on Chanel's spring 2014 runway, with all the models wearing sport sneakers made of patterns that match their endlessly classical tweed jackets. And although the view of sneakers did not seem pleasant to my eyes at first, the effortless looking outfits I've been seeing on the streets show comfort and fashion once more coming together and bringing up the idea of a lifestyle that mixes the gym palette and fabrics with business and more tailored clothes. 

pictures from chanel spring 2014 fashion show

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Postcard Collages!

I am back! Don't know for how long, but I try my best///

This are some postcard collages I made in class and really really enjoyed. Parsons is an amazing school and the amount of things that I learn each day are unbelievable! Sometimes It doesn't even seen like I am in college; it just feels like a permanent vacation. Art school is the best inner experience I had so far and I definitely recommend it.

Each of this cards is inspired by a different place, moment or location. They are composed a lot by my memory and playful flashbacks I have from the past years.

I hope you like it!

This is inspired on my childhood memories in a small town in Sao Paulo, Brazil called "Atibaia", with a touch of inspiration from my favorite musical "The Sound of Music"

Los Angeles, California

This is inspired by arquitectural memories of Vienna, Austria and a Flea Market in Berlin, Germany

MAR (Art Museum of Rio) - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Mixed road trip memories from L.A, Costa Rica and Minnesota. 

This image is inspired by Palm Dessert with a blast of Hollywood

this image is based on teenage years and utopia, which took part close to the "Centro da Cidade" (city centre) - Sao Paulo, Brazil

This last image is a mixture of the memories of visiting a college campus for the first time and walking on Central Park when the fall arrived

Thursday, September 5, 2013

MAD - Museum of Art and Design

Now that I moved to New York for college, I have the chance to go to several museums I didn't have time to go to when visiting the city. One of this museums is MAD. 

Located at the Columbus Circle in Manhattan, The Museum of Art and Design has a wonderful permanent exhibition of Jewelry (which I will write about soon) as well as temporary exhibitions related to design. Besides those two, the architecture of the building is already worth the visit and on the last floor there is usually an artist who is invited to work during the day at the museum's "studio". Yes, real artists you can talk to, while you get to know about their work and also see them working as if they were in their own studios!
The tickets are pricy but when you are under eighteen you don't pay. Also, there is a "pay as you wish"  day every week.
(first picture: the museum lounge and store)

This photos show the work of a game designer who uses wool to create the characters of his digital game.

This is the temporary exhibition called "Against the Grain" Wood in contemporary art, craft and design.

 these wood shoes are awesome!

the design of a table in the museum restaurant, located at the last floor

(that's me pretending to be serious!)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Paulista Avenue and a glimpse of life.

In the past week, I received an invitation from a friend to photograph Paulista Avenue as we walked from one side to the other and wrote, drew and talked on the way. It took two hours and a lot of inspiration to walk around and photograph one of Sao Paulo's main street's movement, live, buildings and people. I have to repeat that, as though I am not a good photographer, I do have a lot of fun editing, cropping and over saturating the color of the pictures. I hope I can show you a little of Sao Paulo's movement, live, color and editing photo experiences in this post.

By the way, Paulista is not only an important business avenue in Sao Paulo but also the place where MASP (Art Museum of Sao Paulo) is located, as well an a lot of street art, exhibitions, Reserva Cultural cinema and the place where most of social manifestations happen. Is a place worth walking through if you are a local and a place worth visiting if you come to Sao Paulo. :]

(first picture: the view from MASP)

1. The variety of styles of architectural projects and landscapes

2. the movement, the people, the life...

3. the details that can be caught everywhere, when you look precisely.

the gay parade decoration

a mannequin

3. this vase exhibition/store


5.the typical presence of green

casa das rosas space and museum

(keep you city clean - ad)