Thursday, September 30, 2010

sunday couture

Weekends can be very boring with no booked parties or GNO's but the last weekend proved that spending the sunday just walking on the streets can be as pleasant as sleeping till 3pm.

this were the first stockings I wore that weren't black and I actually enjoyed

I just hate the way all boys wear the same outfit in my school so it was even worst to realize in my family they wear exactly the same clothes. Can I say girls are more creative when choosing an outfit?

my sister stockings are so colorful and fun that I wish I was 10 again just to be able to wear them without looking like... well, a 10 year old girl

just loved the shoes the daughter and mother I found walking on the streets were wearing.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Maybe they're already old, I am not sure, but a couple months ago I was crazy for a floral dress.
I started my hunt for the perfect one but couldn't find one that deserved to be mine; but while living without it, I've noticed flowers everywhere else.
Not everyone is wearing them, and I'm pleased for this (cause usually when everyone start wearing something I get sick of it) but I hope the florals don't become ordinary as bandage skirts became (why does every girl insist on wearing the same piece?).

I want to continue seeing them around (in a soft delicate way, not as an uniform) and that's why I collected my favorite florals. I love the way they can be delicate, elegant, casual, classic or modern depending on how you wear it.

1.Forever21 Cropped Rose Cardigan
2.Dolce & Gabbana Stretch Silk Floral Dress
4. Delia's Kristy Floral Tap Short
As I said, I hardly find something floral I actually like so it was hard to find 4 great items

Friday, September 17, 2010

Little Lazy Time

It's been a while since the weekend became so desirable to me. I am not saying the week is bad but the idea of thinking about nothing for 48 hours seems just so comforting.
Of course the family dinners, plans with friends, parties and homework can disturb me a little (in a good way) but making absolutely no plans is what I want most for this weekend.
I've been looking for some inspiring things lately, as I am starting to redecorate my fashion wall, and there are little things that will help me stay calm, inpired and happy this weekend.

the reason why weekends are way better that week days

how do I expect to lay on my bed all day long

this amazing shoes I felt in love with

I just love how comfortable pajama pants can be

and remember, every time you're felling sad, heart broken or just exhausted,
close your eyes, clear your heart

all images taken by

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fashion victim

I was reading some fashion quotes when one specific question called my attention: one girl was asking if 16 years old was too old to wear a specific label.

The question, obvious for me to be a lack of self-confidence(not knowing what you could or not wear?), had even more bizarre answers: "you should wear it just to stay home or to go to the gym" or "use this label but do never wear that one...". I stopped. The world around stopped. I couldn't pay attention in any of the tabs opened in my computer.

My daily clothes passed in my head. Yes, I wear that label, not only to go to the gym, but some of the mornings I wake up at six am to go to school, and even at some parties. The answers for that quote all said when wearing the label you wouldn't be elegant and wouldn't have style.

I stopped once again. I liked what I wore, I was comfortable, the clothes were nice and, I felt good in them.
I may not look elegant when wearing that comfortable sweaters and converse, but,somehow, I even used to feel styled with them.

If I used to feel good wearing that phrased shirts and skinny neon jeans, that day I felt that feeling might never come again. Do you know when you are a little kid that realizes Santa Claus doesn't exist? or when you're on seventh grade and realize you won't have a charming prince waiting for you? that's how I felt.

All my confidence on wearing my comfortable clothes were gone and I felt one of that stupid fashion victims that doesn't have the taste to wear styled, and then, I felt what I was always afraid to feel, I felt common, I felt ordinary.

Maybe the problem is not on the comfortable go-to-school clothes I wear everyday.
Maybe, just maybe the fashion victims were the girls who created personal rules not to wear an specific label.
What if they like something from that label? wouldn't they buy? Is the tag all what matters? If the answer is yes, I feel sorry for them. They turned into addicted fashion victims (giving "fashion" advices?) into poor little girls that guide their personal style (if they have one) into a bunch of written rules I'd never follow.

I may not wear labelled shoes everyday or have a closet full of amazing expensive clothes, but for once in a while I felt lucky; Lucky to be happy with my own little closet and all the millions of different labels (or vintage pieces) I carried with me.
That is what style is about. It was about liking what I wear, wearing what I feel like wearing, and not feeling guilty to wear or not a specific label; it was about being me.

I closed the quote and continued reading my daily blogs. Even though I don't see my favorite bloggers wearing that label, I was happy to have it in my closet, cause as all my clothes, that popular, cheap label showed a little about myself.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Navy dressed

When I woke up this morning and I was trying to find something to wear I first saw in front of me one striped blue dress I made a month ago. The dress doesn't fit perfectly in my body (although I made it my size) and while I was grabbing a comfortable t-shirt to wear, my friend Lauly decided to try the dress on. It fitted perfectly and she looked so amazing I had to take some pictures.

Laura wearing the Navy dress

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Inspiration Wall

Image taken from this blog

The past two weeks have been so hard because my new bedroom doesn't have a fashion wall yet.
As I already said, The fashion wall is a place in my bedroon I collect all my ideas and sketches for fashion projects and looks. As I don't have my beloved wall yet, I am collecting inspirations on my computer and it's really hard not to visualize it on a wall so I decided to share a little about my past month Inspirations.

Chanel past collection looks

old photos

Vogue Fashion Night Out Photo
coco Chanel

these floral boots from this blog (I religiously read it)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Room Makeover

The past year I've been studying the options about decorating my bedroom. I finally decided that it'd be better to keep it all white and clean and add, time to time, little objects and furniture to change when I get sick of it. The first colors I chose to my bedroom decoration are green and pink and I've been looking to cute accessories to give a chic edgy without making it too girly.

the idea of a whole white bedroom:

My favorite pink-and-greens (to inspire me to find the right decoration)

mint icecream, green tea, Shrek, roses, Pink lemonade and Alice in Wonderland's cat