Saturday, May 29, 2010

American Cookies

As you may have noticed, I am kind of obsessed with american things (especially the american lifestyle).
I always loved the way moms cook delicious homemade cookies to their children to eat with milk. As here in Brazil cookies are not that appreciated the way they should be(at least the original vanilla choc chips ones are not usually eaten with milk in breakfast), I don't eat them very usually but today when I woke up with my friend, we decided baking traditional american homemade cookies was a wonderful idea.
We were togheter to plan our so far so good clothes line called Tenderly and a cooking break was all we needed.
Our cookies were so delicious (at least the half I didn't burn).
Saturday american cookies? always welcome :]

My american favorites:
1. pancakes with syrup
2. cereal with milk
3. homemade cookies
4. the way clothes are so nice and cheap in some places
5. eating pizza for lunch
6. how people don't have their ipods taken in metros (try walking around with your ipod here...)
7. the american movies (they're the best)
8. having ready-to-make foods (not having mates has a good side...)
9. English (I usually talk to myself in english as the sound is much better than when I talk in portuguese. compare : I love you with Eu te amo :P)
10. snow (even tough it does not snow everywhere)
11. good public schools
12. security ( houses without outside walls)
13. halloween
14. New York
15. Universities with campus
16. sweet sixteen parties
17. icecream sandwiches

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