Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Brazil and Boots

hey there.
Today I'm gonna tell you about my school's clothes: for most people is drama but for me is a dream; our uniform is only a t shirt (and although is really ugly and gross it makes us able to wear whatever we want over it). So we do fortunely have a touch of fashion on our weekdays outfits.
This winter the most-used are the famous Uggs boots. Yes, they appear in all different colors and sizes but no one gets sick of them. I remember last winter when the shy new student (me) entered the hall with a blue pair. For the face of the people staring, I can say they found it as weird as wearing PJs or going to school wearing some witch costume. The winter gave space for the spring, the summer and now you can't even count how many Uggs you see. Maybe I was not the only one who had a pair but I was the only one wearing them in school. The point is not who was the first one to wear them but that here in Brazil fashion do come a little late and although it kind of s** I have to say Brazil is not what people think it is.
Thinking about bananas, monkeys, bitches and carnival? Wrong. Brazil has all its art, food and nice people and even if you consider it is not the best country in world it has it own good things.
I am here to show you Brazil's fashion side can be as good as anywhere else (except France, maybe) and show you all kind of amazing fashion stuff we have here. :]

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