Tuesday, July 19, 2011

While July isn't over...

I do have to admit I've been writing less and less often the last months and that's not the lack of photos but the fact that the time is passing by fast enough I just realized my vacation is almost in the end.
It's a winter filled with skirts and flats (as it's warm enough I don't even need a sweater during the day) and I am happy to know I have all my time filled with pleasant stuff such as this friend's birthday I had (with this cupcakes another of my friends baked as a present...).

Alice, the birthday girl

Fortunately vacation gives me more time to work on my own drawings and clothes...

the long lace skirt I finally had time to make

I've been looking for inspiration to paint my sneakers and I really liked this one!

a "thank you" handmade card painted by me with gouache