Monday, April 1, 2013

dreams and a dress

Once I heard that if you love what you work with, you won't have to work a day in your life. Whenever I think about which work would this be, I can only imagine myself working in the fashion field.
That's the reason why I chose to study fashion design as my major in college. And while I wait for the fall semester to begin,  I can enjoy my "vacation" between the end of Brazilian school year and the beginning of the college year in the US. I am so happy to have time for sewing, reading, listening to good music, watching movies, and well,  continue to write on my blog about my experiences and ideas!

While making my portfolio for art school last year, I had the opportunity to make a dress that was not sewed, but totally made by latex. I enjoyed each process of making it, since painting the latex layers, choosing colors and trims and finally wearing it. This turned out to be the dress I used to enter a SCAD fashion competition, where I got an honorable mention with my dress, as seen here. The photographs and modeling part also turned out to be fun and pretty successful thanks to the help of my friends.

Those are some of the pictures of the shooting day..

the text I sent to SCAD explaining my dress and its inspiration is this one:

         I love the 60’s, which represents youth, pop, freedom, esthetic versatility and elegance all at the same time. Inspired by that era, I designed a boxy dress made of liquid latex to express unique, clean and bold structure, combining the 60’s silhouette of a mini dress with modern material of my era.
         I added trims such as brown plastic stones and black suede strings to create a new look that mixed the vintage and the innovative. The suede strings were sewed only on top and at the inside bottom to create more volume and optical illusion following the body’s movements. Mixing Together the antique feeling of the brown stones along with the elastic material Latex, I composed not only a classic but also futuristic look. 

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