Friday, April 5, 2013

Isabella Giobbi

It was thursday, 8:30 pm and Iguatemi Sao Paulo's C&A store was crowded of well dressed young women waiting anxiously to see the new collection launched by the stylist Isabella Giobbi.   C&A, fast fashion store known for its low prices and fresh tendencies just brought one more recognized designer to launch a collection, the same way H&M is famous for doing. It is interesting to see the way this kind of fashion fusion both makes C&A a more sophisticated brand and promote nice designs for a low price, making fashion more accessible. 

Known as the queen of yellow, as seen in all her clothe's labels and shopping bags, Isabella Giobbi launched a collection with tones of white, gray, black, yellow and touches of pink and orange. She used three different fabric drawings and also launched some of the clothes on a kid size, which you could see her daughter was wearing that very thursday.
I was surprised by the quality of the fabrics, since Amir Slama's collection for C&A had such a bad quality, the pink top I bought tye-dyed all my clothes in the washing machine the first time I washed it.  Isabella Giobbi's fabrics, in the other hand, were soft, sophisticated and delicate. It is certainly worth to buy on of her designs for a price in a range of R$ 60,00 to R$ 150,00 reais aproximately!

C&A store
the shoe I bought (the pattern under it is from an amazing dress of her collection which I also bought!)

the yellow pattern

another pattern

two of the kids's designs and a T-shirt

the citrus orange tone seen on some of the collection garments

the purses matched the drawings of the fabrics! (there was also a mini size for the little girls!)

 the mother...

 ...and the daughter

The yellow Shopping Bag

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