Monday, March 18, 2013

SPFW and hunger for innovation


       Today was the first day of Sao Paulo Fashion Week (SPFW) and I could have a glimpse at how the decoration, people and runway looks were. 
        I have to say I was disappointed by the space (which was reduced to barely half the space used last year) and the lack of innovation on people's clothes. Maybe I didn't spend enough time noticing fashion-week-style but nothing caught my attention for being different or exquisite. 
     Anyway, it was nice to be for a couple hours in an environment where people want to be noticed and also have a strong eye to see any esthetic sign around them. I am always glad to be close to this industry; and the less impressive stuff I see, the more I believe I can inspire myself to create original and fresh stuff in my future. Sound like too much of a dream? For now, at least, I enjoy my time doing what  I can reach; including showing you some photos of the event...!

 Karl + Melissa collection of shoes

The decoration includes gold, Irmaos Campana's work with straw on the walls, the lighs (gorgeous golden ones) and the SPFW's store.

Cori's Fashion show included simple silhouettes full of modern, clean details and a lot of white.

 My improvised look, as I had no idea I would go to Fashion Week tonight and headed to it directly from work.

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