Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pupunha ink + italian ice cream

Six months ago, when I got back from Summer intensive studies at Parsons, full of friends that loved to draw as much as I do, I've heard of this little thing called Pupunha Ink. But it was only six months after, more specifically last weekend, that I could finally sneak into the surprisingly delicious Pao de Lo bakery in Sao Paulo and understand that Pupunha Ink was not only an event for draw-a-holics, but THE event for them.
"It all started with a small group of friends who liked to draw" told me one of the founders, who had an amazing long, light pink hair "that wanted to go out on weekends to draw but whose boyfriends and girlfriends were mad at because they didn't enjoy it". So Pupunha grew to an event where people who like to draw and want to learn get together to draw whatever they feel like and get to be part on some activities. Drawing activities, of course! 
I couldn't take a lot of pictures because I was too busy talking to artists and illustrators, making my own drawings and eating some of the delicious treats they have at the bakery. If you live at Sao Paulo or is visiting, the event is hosted one Saturday a month and is totally worth trying!

one of the activities of the Pupunha Night

Some of the drawings of an artist I met there

 I loved his face expressions!

My friend Marina focused on her drawing

the final drawing of 4 people I sat on the table with. (they were very talented cartoonists)

also... I am totally in love with the milk flavored icec ream of this store at Itaim called Cuor di Crema :9

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