Thursday, September 30, 2010

sunday couture

Weekends can be very boring with no booked parties or GNO's but the last weekend proved that spending the sunday just walking on the streets can be as pleasant as sleeping till 3pm.

this were the first stockings I wore that weren't black and I actually enjoyed

I just hate the way all boys wear the same outfit in my school so it was even worst to realize in my family they wear exactly the same clothes. Can I say girls are more creative when choosing an outfit?

my sister stockings are so colorful and fun that I wish I was 10 again just to be able to wear them without looking like... well, a 10 year old girl

just loved the shoes the daughter and mother I found walking on the streets were wearing.

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Anonymous said...


Nem todos sao iguais.....fiquei meio gordo na foto,nao acha??