Friday, September 24, 2010


Maybe they're already old, I am not sure, but a couple months ago I was crazy for a floral dress.
I started my hunt for the perfect one but couldn't find one that deserved to be mine; but while living without it, I've noticed flowers everywhere else.
Not everyone is wearing them, and I'm pleased for this (cause usually when everyone start wearing something I get sick of it) but I hope the florals don't become ordinary as bandage skirts became (why does every girl insist on wearing the same piece?).

I want to continue seeing them around (in a soft delicate way, not as an uniform) and that's why I collected my favorite florals. I love the way they can be delicate, elegant, casual, classic or modern depending on how you wear it.

1.Forever21 Cropped Rose Cardigan
2.Dolce & Gabbana Stretch Silk Floral Dress
4. Delia's Kristy Floral Tap Short
As I said, I hardly find something floral I actually like so it was hard to find 4 great items

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Anonymous said...


As flores estao com pequenas(liberty)agora e as medias e grandes a seguir,