Friday, September 17, 2010

Little Lazy Time

It's been a while since the weekend became so desirable to me. I am not saying the week is bad but the idea of thinking about nothing for 48 hours seems just so comforting.
Of course the family dinners, plans with friends, parties and homework can disturb me a little (in a good way) but making absolutely no plans is what I want most for this weekend.
I've been looking for some inspiring things lately, as I am starting to redecorate my fashion wall, and there are little things that will help me stay calm, inpired and happy this weekend.

the reason why weekends are way better that week days

how do I expect to lay on my bed all day long

this amazing shoes I felt in love with

I just love how comfortable pajama pants can be

and remember, every time you're felling sad, heart broken or just exhausted,
close your eyes, clear your heart

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1 comment:

Avi said...

Os Pierre Hermes vao melhorar ainda mais seu fim de semana.....