Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Travelling look

When staying a long time wearing the same outfit (in case of an airplane or train trip), there are 3 essentials things your outfit must have: comfort, simplicity and elegance.

It can be pretty hard to find something to wear following the 3 rules but when you find the perfect combination, there's nothing that can go wrong. While seeing forever 21 collection online (they're amazing!) I realized you can make a whole comfortable traveling look with their clothes. I chose these Ashley Tisdale daily look and tried to find similar clothes at forever 21. Operation was a success!

Forever 21 Fave Whiskered Skinny Jean $29.80

Forever 21 Metallic Crackled Sweet Flats $14.80

forever 21 Striped Bow Knit Top $15.80

forever 21 Flounce Ruffle Jacket $15.80

forever 21 Rockstar Bucket Bag $29.80

forever 21 Pointelle Crochet Beret $6.80

F8132 Sunglasses $5.80

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