Monday, August 30, 2010

Yellow Mellow

Lately I realized I really like the color Yellow. It's one of that things I just noticed after organizing my closet and unpacking your vacation luggage, discovering almost half my recent accessories are yellow.
It's not a color I ever liked; since while a girl I used to wear pink and during my last teenage years I've been wearing basic colors (specially dark blue).
well, yellow came just in time for a personal revolution and more usually I am wearing the "happy face" color.

These are some items that are at the top of my yellow-wish-list:
1. Dooney & Bourke yellow bag

2. yellow havaianas
3. Mischa Barton's Yellow look

3. yellow Doc Martens

4. yellow earrings (I found the cutest ones at Claires)
5. this "yellow mellow" Sally Hansen nail polish


Anonymous said...

you should go to Parsons school!

Anonymous said...

Thiago Perereia like this! Mu mu mu!! I love yellow:)

Anonymous said...

Domi adorei!
Tem todo meu apoio para continuar e fazer muito sucesso... beijos Silvia