Sunday, August 1, 2010

Back to School

Unfortunately vacation is over. I tried too hard to relax the most, eat the less and forget about the terrifying semester of exams that wait for me.
As a good girl I try to see the positive side: friends, parties and, of course, the knowledge that I'll have to create some back-to-school looks.
During the month I had time to buy my back-to-school must haves and to do some reseach about the weather (winter can be so unexpected here).
After a whole season of Gossip Girl, long walks at the streets and visits to my favorite stores my results were gratifying: School looks can be awesome (even if you have to wear a gross-non t shirt, as in my case).
1.Forever 21 Eternity Soft Stretch Headband

2.Natasha Accessories Double-Flower Headband

3.Forever 21 Nubby Striped Sweater Top

4.forever 21 t shirt

5.Gap Real straight jeans (bird graphic cuffs)

6.Forever 21 Lightweight Linen Pants

7.Lucky Brand "Trippin´ Out" Floral-Print Tote

8.Longchamp tote

9.abercrombie vintage leather flip flops

10.forever 21 Nikky Strappy Sandals


Anonymous said...

Vamos a escola com prazer!!Tudo tem seu lado bom....


Anonymous said...

domi,eu gostei dessas coisas.
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