Saturday, August 7, 2010


If there's one thing I hear of everyday are the cupcakes.
Not only I religiously visit this blog, my sister and my friend Lauly are cupcake lovers and I particularly like how cupcakes look like (and how tasty they can be). Although I don't cook them very usually, my weekends are filled with homemade cupcakes and walks to wonder cakes.

cupcake memories:

1.Vanilla Cupcakes (as found here)
2. Wonder cakes: a cupcakes store; one day I'll have tasted all of the delicious cupcakes they sell :]
3. My little sisters eating cupcakes

4. Funny baking cups

5. Brazillan cupcakes made by me and Lauly (also seen here)

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Anonymous said...

créditos a quem te apresentou a wondercakes ;)