Monday, July 26, 2010

Inspiration Icon: Blair Waldorf

As mentioned here I am organizing my favorite icons to take a look whenever I need inspiration to draw or to find an outfit.
One of them is the character Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. A couple years ago when I started to read the Gossip Girl books I became a real fan of the 17 years old Upper East side girl that besides the problems, worries and fears was completely strong, decided and smart.
Not only her personality was awesome, she was always the best, talking about fashion, school and parties. For my delight she wasn't blond either (as most of the movie's It girls are) and neither had blues or green eyes; she was not the tallest or skinniest, her family was not perfect and beyond all these, she was completely glamorous, strong and happy.
Reading all the Cecily Von Viegesar novels (and ignoring the disapproval of my literature teachers) I learnt about confidence, started reading faster and began to spend less time watching TV, not to mention all the fashion designers, the latest trends and the how-to-behave rules I learnt.

Fashion inspiration about her:
1. headbands (as found here and here)
2. red accessories (as found here and here)
3. looks: she wears classic looks adding the perfect dose of color
4. Her Smile (maybe is a Leighton Meester quality and not Blair's but in her smile you can see besides all the cruel behave, arrogant answers and evil looks, she's got a heart :])

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