Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Postcard Collages!

I am back! Don't know for how long, but I try my best///

This are some postcard collages I made in class and really really enjoyed. Parsons is an amazing school and the amount of things that I learn each day are unbelievable! Sometimes It doesn't even seen like I am in college; it just feels like a permanent vacation. Art school is the best inner experience I had so far and I definitely recommend it.

Each of this cards is inspired by a different place, moment or location. They are composed a lot by my memory and playful flashbacks I have from the past years.

I hope you like it!

This is inspired on my childhood memories in a small town in Sao Paulo, Brazil called "Atibaia", with a touch of inspiration from my favorite musical "The Sound of Music"

Los Angeles, California

This is inspired by arquitectural memories of Vienna, Austria and a Flea Market in Berlin, Germany

MAR (Art Museum of Rio) - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Mixed road trip memories from L.A, Costa Rica and Minnesota. 

This image is inspired by Palm Dessert with a blast of Hollywood

this image is based on teenage years and utopia, which took part close to the "Centro da Cidade" (city centre) - Sao Paulo, Brazil

This last image is a mixture of the memories of visiting a college campus for the first time and walking on Central Park when the fall arrived

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Que bom que voce voltou!!!