Thursday, September 5, 2013

MAD - Museum of Art and Design

Now that I moved to New York for college, I have the chance to go to several museums I didn't have time to go to when visiting the city. One of this museums is MAD. 

Located at the Columbus Circle in Manhattan, The Museum of Art and Design has a wonderful permanent exhibition of Jewelry (which I will write about soon) as well as temporary exhibitions related to design. Besides those two, the architecture of the building is already worth the visit and on the last floor there is usually an artist who is invited to work during the day at the museum's "studio". Yes, real artists you can talk to, while you get to know about their work and also see them working as if they were in their own studios!
The tickets are pricy but when you are under eighteen you don't pay. Also, there is a "pay as you wish"  day every week.
(first picture: the museum lounge and store)

This photos show the work of a game designer who uses wool to create the characters of his digital game.

This is the temporary exhibition called "Against the Grain" Wood in contemporary art, craft and design.

 these wood shoes are awesome!

the design of a table in the museum restaurant, located at the last floor

(that's me pretending to be serious!)

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