Monday, March 14, 2011

I need some time

I've been extremely stressed due to the number of things I have to do every week. Not only I am having school exams terrifying enough to make me have nightmares and don't have time to post (thanks, chemistry); I try to manage good grades, quality time, sleep hours and art classes; and yet, I've been missing my sewing machine since ever.
As I am not having time to post anything better (although I'm dying to talk about long skirts!) these are some photos I collected this past month...

art classes homework

Nice shorts my friend was wearing

a wonderful view only one hour away from the city

people I liked to photograph while on traffic after school

long skirts! I just have to post something about it...

nice books I like to read at the bookstore

The first copy of Alexa Mulberry bag I saw in Brazil. The original one is this one

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Anonymous said...

Gostei da mistura de temas.