Monday, October 25, 2010


I know. It's been a long time. It's not about not having enough things to post or not having enough time, it's just a transition my mind seems to be having.
I've been just thinking about everything, asking the world all the reasons we are here and everytime I was going to write something I asked myself: "Do I really feel like posting this? Is this what I wanna be?" and then I just stopped and could do nothing. I just wanted all that questions to get out my head.
No music, no drawings, no posts, nothing. I was tired of thinking.
But suddenly I realized I couldn't change what I wanted to. My school wouldn't stop giving me homework and tests, my hair wouldn't wake up nicer, my clothes wouldn't change suddenly and nice books wouldn't appear near my bed for me to read them. So slowly I started to realize if I wanted something I'd have to go and get it, and that's what I started doing.
For now I guess all I want is a little of peace, so I am just living, letting it be. I know it seems weird but I am trying to consider it a break of my life. After all, school is ending... ...and summer is coming...

This is how my house looks like. I just moved and the view from my bedroom is not very pleasing yet...

they just painted the wall of my little gray house, and now it's all painted in the same pastel color, like any other house. It's boring.


Anonymous said...

A Domi Pink voltooooouu!!!!!

ma chevis said...

Summer is coming and so is your favorite cousin in the world! =)

Anonymous said...

Our house is becoming even better and more beautiful just because I think of my estethic daughter living there with me everyday!!!!
As I sang to you when you're just a little baby:
"Um pouquinho de paciencia....pra terminar a nossa casa...."