Thursday, May 30, 2013

MAR - Museu de Arte do Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro's Art Museum)

Recently founded in the heart of Rio's city centre, the Rio de Janeiro's Art Museum (MAR in Portuguese, which also means "sea") is a fusion between two epic architectural elements: it unites an old building from the historical centre of the city, with a new, modern one. This fusion of architecture and art created not only the museum I had the pleasure to visit, but also a school.
There were four different exhibitions: they developed the city's history, culture, nature and it's social problems. It is wonderful to see such a regionalistic feeling in a place like Rio, that, beyond the high number of tourists attracted each year, it's a place where  people are full of life, and carry an unbelievable cultural richness.
Unfortunately, moreover the fact you are not allowed to take pictures in all the exhibitions, I lost most of the pictures I took of my visit. I hope the photos left can give an idea of the museum and also hope everyone who comes to Brazil has a chance to visit MAR.

the miniature of the museum

The view from the last floor

the elevator architectural detail

delicate natural elements at one of the exhibitions

the history of Rio told with landscape photographs

advertisements and typical ads from each decade the city passed through

school students visiting the museum

a terrific picture that shows the city's social reality: two worlds collide between the richness, the nature and the "favelas".

 there was an installation that contained a video passing in three walls

 photos of this wonderful exhibition that showed the social reality with interviews with people and projects on how to make their lifes and homes better places.

 photos that illustrate the city violence

 A "favela" miniautre made with bricks by people who live there: a beautiful and complex installation that discuss the violence, the money, the social differences, the fear and the hope and possibility

"my dignity cannot be bought at the supermarket. It will never be bought, and that's why I am still here"

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