Thursday, February 17, 2011

I like to wear

Probably most of my fun during vacation was walking around and taking photos of random-well dressed people around. For some reason, all people here have something in their outfits nice enough for me to have bothered to ask for a picture. Hope at least one of this different looks has somethig to do with your style and inspires you to create your season looks (or, in case you live in Brazil, your next season looks!)

first pic: my sister in a look with amazingly matched colors thanks to her Ralph Lauren skirt, my yellow rain boots (used during the melted snow days) and a pink (her favorite color) Abercrombie sweater.

Liverpool girl on her way to the airport with an extremely cute handbag and traditional NY sweater (I mean, who doesn't love NY?)

subway: french hat and nice cozy coat

Modern girl at Apple fifth Avenue with the perfect outfit: beautiful coat (cool ethnic?), perfect shoes (the kind of boy shoes I liked so much I bought similar ones at F21) and a blue scarf that unexpectedly completes the outfit.

Subway again: these stylish woman told me specially that day her hair was awful when I asked for a photo. I think she's great!

French guy walking early on Sunday morning. His sunglasses shine as bright as the sun!

Tourist girl on Statue of Liberty. I knew Tokio girls were fashion, but would any other tourist dress as cool as her? (This is absolutely my favorite look in the whole city)

I always found it hard to wear both stylish and simple but I can feel this looks elegance in its head-to-toe-black and charismatic smile

What about you? What's your style about? Tell me which picture suits your style best!

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